31 December 2020

I can see clearly now...

There are thoughts that fill my head like the haunting music
In the dark of night that comes from far, far, away.
Sometimes I think that truth and honor are merely dreams.
Wherever I go I am saddened by the lack of understanding.
Everywhere I see nothing but falsehoods and delusion.
I think that the truth must be hidden in the shadows,
But I must not believe that the gloom will last forever.
Beneath the mist that clouds my vision and troubles my soul,
God prepares for me things that I can't even imagine.
Silence is the shadow, God's WORD is the light of His presence.
I was created in the image and likeness of God, that is,
A rational Being of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Justice.
I speak out now because there arise in me thoughts divine,
Of hidden realities that are revealed to spiritual minds,
The Word of God, the language of my soul, enlightens me.
When mortal justice is devoid of good solutions,
When the judgement of men can't achieve peace,
Then we must appeal the complaint to a higher court,
For our merciful and just Creator to decide.
Oh Lord, let mercy walk with justice to settle the matter.
If in the end the judgement is severe, then so be it!
Let it serve as a guide to what is prudent and what is not.
May it be good and noble and not wrathful or vengeful.
When some are for and others are against,
Let truth arise have the final say.
Once I was blind, but glory be to the Father of us all,
I can see clearly now, and pray that other eyes will open too!


17 December 2020

Hello up there!

As the autumn heart forgets the promise of springtime,
When the summer green turns to dark red, yellow, and brown,
The falling leaves fly hither and yon before the wind,
Then cover the forest floor like a faded patchwork quilt.
The migrating birds have sung their parting farewell,
Leaving those who remain to hunker down for winter.
High up on a mountain of prayer far from the material world,
Where the shores of Heaven and Earth are closer together,
I cast my eyes upward toward the gates of Heaven, but
I dare not raise my voice and shout "Hello up there!,"
For fear of startling those at home in Paradise.
I offer a silent prayer and linger wistfully one more hour,
Then wave farewell in camaraderie and slowly turn away
To set off down the road for home and a hearty supper.
It's not my time for Heaven yet, but bye and bye,
I will wait just a bit longer until God calls 
And into His hands I will commend my spirit! 


08 December 2020

A Happy Landing

We are living and dying on Covid-19 time,
Waiting for a return to an elusive normal
While searching for a cure to make us happy.
Wake me when they formulate a vaccine for old age,
Or a therapeutic to meet my specific need for vigor,
That will return me to the age of twenty-three
For just one day or even for a little longer,
That in keeping with the movement back in time
Provides me with a chance to begin all over again.
Alas, the story of my life is almost finished.
I pray for both a happy ending and a happy landing
On that other shore to be with Saints forevermore.
Aboard my vessel, shipshape and in good order,
A place for everything and everything in place,
I sail the seven seas of life for the seven ages of man,
One hand on the tiller and the other shading my eyes,
Searching the horizon by day and the stars by night,
Nothing in my way but some dark clouds and storms,
But for the most part, sunny weather, thanks be to God
From whom all blessings flow to those who abide in Him.
Faith is a firm belief that the best is yet to come,
The Blessed Assurance that in the end, all will be well. 


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