20 March 2011

Archie in Spanish

In January of 2009 I posted a blog titled "Learning Spanish with Bart and Archie". I wrote about how much fun it is to read comic books in Spanish as an aid in learning Spanish dialog and I gave some links to online material but unfortunately the links are now outdated. However, I would like to pass on a new link to Creators.com where you can get a daily dose of "Archie" in Spanish and also "B.C.", "The Wizard of Id", "Heathcliff", "Rugrats", and "Girls and Sports"...all in Spanish with no strings attached. You can even subscribe to them with your favorite RSS reader (I use Google Reader) to receive them every day and automatically for free. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of Spanish you will get both a lesson and a chuckle at the same time. I urge you to take advantage of this. You can't beat it!

Here is the link: "Archie in Spanish"


18 March 2011

Hello Moon!

There is a great blog that I follow called "Starts with a Bang" written by Ethan Siegel who is a theoretical astrophysicist currently teaching at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Today's blog is titled "Supermoon" and in it he explains that the moon will be exactly 100% full on Saturday the 19th (tomorrow) and since the moon will be in "perigee" in its elliptical orbit around the earth, the full moon will be the closest that it has been to Earth since 1992...19 years ago. Combine that with the Spring Equinox on Sunday and you have a really auspicious astronomical event. The full moon will appear about ten to twelve percent larger than it normally does and it should be a very romantic sight this evening and for the next couple of nights. It would be a good opportunity to cuddle with your significant other and a glass of your favorite aphrodisiac.

In the words of Laozi (Lao Tzu), the famous old Chinese poet and founder of Taoism,

Ju tou wang ming yue
I lift my head, and look at the bright moon.

Di tou si guxiang
I bow my head, and think of my old home.

If you would like more details about the full moon, click here.

06 March 2011

Advice from the past...

I picked this up from the blog of my favorite artist, James Gurney, the author of the Dinotopia books and "Color and Light". It is about advice coming to us through time and space (and You Tube) from philosopher Bertrand Russel, whom I consider to be one of the smartest and best educated people of modern times. In 1959, Bertrand Russell had two pieces of advice for the future: In intellectual pursuits, pay attention to the facts. In moral matters, consider that love is wise and that hatred is foolish. For me, watching his face and hearing his voice from beyond the grave was a profound experience and I highly recommend this intellectual food for thought. I don't know how anyone other than Bertrand Russel could have said it better.

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