20 August 2020

"It is what it is!"

God gave us a blank book at birth with snow white pages.
We are the author of our lives and He is the publisher.
The ink with which we write is our blood and sweat.
Our story is littered with the doodles of daydreams.
The pages are smudged with errors and water marked by tears.
Nothing can be erased and our mistakes are left as they are.
There can be no rewrites or do-overs to cover our shame.
At the end of the book no pages can be removed or added.
When your story is finished..."It is what it is!"
This will be your permanent record. Write carefully.
You are in the mist between sleep and waking.
Essence is not nourished with food and sleep.
You try to accomplish things, to reach goals.
If you put the whole world in your stomach of ambition,
It will never, ever, be enough to satisfy you.
Assume that you now have everything you always wanted.
What is the point? At any moment you may drop dead.
Even if your life lasts another ten years or more.
That is nothing compared to an eternity of heavenly bliss.
Wake up to the Way, the Truth, and Life eternal.
The table is already set for you. Ask God for directions.

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