07 December 2023

The Hallmark of Creation


My parents are no longer with us on this Earth
But the echoes of their voices are locked in my heart.
At night I hide from the world, searching for peace.
The raging storms of reality that invade my mind
Tend to cancel my dreams and awaken my anxiety.
Is peace just a dream or will it be possible after all.  
We are all students here, every single one of us.
Our understanding will never be totally complete.
Fear alone ensures that we remain quite ignorant
And fast asleep in the arms of ancestral tradition.
I don't want to live in some hum-drum past where
There is nothing new under the sun and sky.
Let's keep to the tried and true but at the same time
Open our eyes to the amazing and unexpected
Surprises that God may have in store for us,
I can't believe that the Creator has stopped creating.
The hallmark of creation is continuous improvement.
Let our collective effort be for the greater glory of God.
"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam," (For God's Greater Glory).
If this makes us progressive, then so let it be.
(Bob Mrotek 2023)


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