03 October 2019

For the Greater Glory

Today is not a terminal destination.
It is another gift of a merciful God
At a point on our short lives on earth 
In the middle of an endless eternity.
Our lives get shorter with every sunset.
Here we have the opportunity to choose
From two opposite final destinations,
One is Our Father's house in Heaven, and
The other is oblivion in the great abyss.
Oh God! Please be merciful to me.
I am a sinner through and through
And my only hope is belief in You.
Your risen Son, my Lord and Savior,
Brighter than the rising sun,
Came from on high to those of us
Who walk in darkness and death's shadow,
To guide our feet on the righteous path
Toward the light, "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,"
For the Greater Glory of God.


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