30 March 2019

The last thing to die...

To fear God is to turn away from evil.
To sin is to curse God in your heart.
Earthly good and evil are intertwined.
You can't have one without the other.
If it weren't so, then what is Justice?
In order that there be free will,
This is the best of all possible worlds.
It rains on the just and the unjust alike.
The difference is in the hearts of men.
Those who truly love God are of one heart.
Those who don't, love only themselves.
I rejoice in the Hope and Glory of God.
For hope is the last thing to die.
Prepare your heart and soul for loving,
Raise your sights to your Heavenly Father
Lest you be persuaded by evil to turn away.
God speaks to all who wish to listen.
Listen, and be of one heart with the Lord.


16 March 2019

A Candle of Understanding

Oh Lord, light a candle of understanding in my heart
That I might truly know Thy ways. Father, if it be Thy will,
I shall subdue my earthly desires and reform my sinful heart,
That after my time here I can receive Thy mercy and eternal life.
People can deny it if they want, but those who live in the Spirit
Hear the Word of God from beyond the notion of time and space.
To those who walk in the sun there is no lack of light.
It is only those that go astray who walk in darkness.
Heaven is within our grasp. Where else is there to run?
Why do people look for peace through some other door?
The unbelievers trouble me not for they will die in disbelief.
They have polluted the earth with their wickedness and will suffer.
Let not the sinner say that he has not sinned for God will burn
Coals of fire upon the head of those who say such things.
I will not be afraid nor will I let my sins weigh me down,
For I have sincerely repented and have been forgiven.
The Word that carries you and I and all things, is carried
In our hearts to share the Good News with other people.
The whole world groans as it waits for redemption.
O Lord, I pray for all those who have no one to pray for them.
I also pray for those who will not pray. Lord have mercy. Amen!


06 March 2019

To Think or To See?

The past preaches to the present and the arrow 
Points to dreams of the yet unveiled future. 
Every remedy is desperate and every cure miraculous.
The poet tries to get his head around heaven and
The philosopher tries to get heaven into his head. 
To change from one to the other, one door must be shut
And another door opened with a bold push.
Which will it be, to think or to see?
Nothing is quite as good as it seems to be
All things are best at the beginning.
We tire of things, they fall apart, the sunlight fades,
We wander the earth searching for meaning
To find a mirror of truth in the drop of dew that 
Clings so lovingly to the cheek of a red, red, rose.
Look up at the sky through the largest window,
Do you see any borders? No? I didn't think so.
The sky is not the limit, we are.
Pain follows sin as a plow follows the ox. 
Choose well and the momentum will lift you up. 
When the heart weeps for lost desires 
The spirit rejoices for the peace it has found.
Prayer is communion between people and God.
If we forgive others we will be forgiven,
And we will be done unto as we do.
The night grows cold, the party is almost over,
And then this too shall pass away.
There is nothing good in the world besides 
Goodwill toward others and this comes from the heart 
And the peace it holds at the center of ones being.


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