30 September 2020

Heaven help me...

 I, Wisdom, am the Word of sound judgement,

And the source of clear thinking.

The Father gave birth to me in the beginning,

Before the first acts of Creation.

I am present from everlasting to everlasting,

From even before the Universe began. 

Those of you who find me, find life,

And earn the favor of God Almighty,

The Father of all things created.

For the Gospel of Truth is a joy

To those who recieve grace from the Father,

That they know Him through His Son.

When someone cries out "Heaven help me,"

In a weary but sincere attempt at faith,

I will be there to show them the way,

And to quell their anxiety and fear, 

By the grace and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Call me!


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I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. I have been living in Mexico since January 6th, 1999. I am continually studying to improve my knowledge of the Spanish language and Mexican history and culture. I am also a student of Mandarin Chinese.