13 April 2020

On the Road to Resurrection

In the Year of Our Lord, 2020, on the Road to Resurrection,
We tend to take for granted that which we have always had...life.
Then suddenly we realize with a sigh, that life is very fragile.
We are now paying for our vain illusions of scientific omnipotence.
The virus is a wake-up call to stop fiddling while the fever rages.
Facts, and not someone's opinion, are the tribunal of reason.
We are made righteous by our earnestness in seeking out the truth
And the honesty by which we make decisions after testing all things.
The righteous path is a balance between right brain and left,
Between "religion only" and "only science," scripture versus reason.
The righteous path is a narrow upward climb between the two.
We achieve balance by intuition after meditation, prayer, and logic.
Reason is a form of revelation, after an exodus from self.
Ears to hear and eyes to see are both gifts from the Lord.
Give unto Science the scientific, and unto Politics, the political,
And to God be the Kingdom, the Power, and Glory forever and ever.
The future can be a scary place when you face it all alone.
May the Lord accompany you on your journey to infinity and beyond.


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