27 July 2023

Every Day of Your Life

Every day of your life, look 
For better ways to get better.
Think positive, work hard,
Have fun, and make it happen.
Don't squander your energy
On people who don't like you, or 
On trying to impress others, or
On things you can't control, or
On building castles in the air, or
On things you can't learn from.
To be taken seriously, be consistent.
Don't waste other people's time.
Before you speak - Listen 
Before you pray - Meditate
Before you spend - Earn 
Before you act - Think
Before you sign - Read
Before you take - Give
Before you quit - Try   
Later, it is already too late!
Hope for the best,
But prepare for the worst,  
And the most important thing,
Keep peace in your heart.
(Bob Mrotek 2023)


06 July 2023

Look within yourself to find the truth

When you finally get to the top of your climb you really can't enjoy it.
Because from the top, everything that you see is at your feet.
And you realize that every material thing that goes up must come down.
When you get to the top of the heap there is no more top to go to.
Winners must always keep in mind that losing is just around the corner.
Every spark of life on earth contains our Lord's divine light.
Look within yourself to find it. He isn't as far from you as you are from Him.
If you have love for yourself then embrace everyone else as family.
This is the basic form of worship because we are all brothers and sisters.
Many seemingly upright men and women are afflicted with sexual desires.
The quest for the nature of life, the "sensus communis," the seat of the soul,
Is centered in the human brain, a great system of connected things,
With the essence of being, at its core, as it is above, so it is below.
The spiritual center of a human being is focused on the naval.
The material center of a human being is focused on the genitals.
The real truth is not necessarily what people believe, or not.
They believe what they want to believe that does not conflict tradition.
Politicians and corporations strive to engineer the beliefs of the masses.
They create illusions so great that they are accepted as the truth.
When synthetic diamonds become indistinguishable from "true" diamonds,
They become accepted as true and then the real truth loses all meaning.  
(Bob Mrotek 2023)


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