22 March 2020

Just the Necessary Stuff

Birth and death are both journeys.
Birth is the shortest of the two.
It begins in darkness, and ends in light.
Death begins in light and ends in darkness,
Except for the light at the end of the tunnel,
The light of the Divine Presence, where,
We will be judged according to what we did
From birth until death, between the twain.
How then do we pass this stretch of time?
I'm content with just enough in life
To get by until the finish line is crossed.
Just enough food to eat, and time to sleep
Just enough fire to warm my old bones
And just enough of the necessary stuff
To stay on the opposite side of not enough.
Please give me Lord, just enough daily bread
To make my hungry belly fed, and help me
Make the most of what you give me,
without whining for more than my share,
So that those who have less can have more.
Oh Lord, When the bells of heaven ring
And the choirs of angels sweetly sing,
And your righteous ones shout "Victory!"
Please call me home from where'er I roam
And say there's a place for me.


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