26 February 2023

Facing the setting sun...

I am getting closer to my ultimate sunset.
Last night I dreamt about St. Elsewhere, 
A carefree place in the land of Sockitoomee,
Where all the lost socks are waiting to be found, 
And where old soldiers go when they fade away.
It's a place where childhood innocence is regained, 
And all good dogs and cats await to be reclaimed.
I bless you, life! I loved and am loved!
The sun and wind caress my upturned face.
The birds, the bees, the flowers and trees,
The grass, the squirrels, and the weeds,
And even the rain and snow are friends.
Life, you owe me nothing...we are at peace!   
I sing out loud and strong of faith and freedom,
Of brotherly love and happy camaraderie.
The poor unfortunate soul who never sings,
But dies with all their music still held within,
Is the human tragedy of a life unsung.


17 February 2023

The Spirit of the Crossroads

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the crossroads.  
The Holy Spirit is the giver of life everywhere; 
Where the mountains meet the forests, 
Where the forrests meet the plains, 
Where the plains meet the rivers, 
Where the rivers meet the seas, 
Where the horizon meets the sky, 
Where language and culture meet, 
Where ethnicity meets diversity,
Where the city meets the countryside, 
Where the past meets the present, 
Where the present meets the future, 
And where male and female come together 
To form generation after generation.
Come, Holy Spirit, Spark of Life,
O Causa Vitae et Spiritus Amoris,
Reside in our hearts and grant us peace.   
(Bob Mrotek 2023)


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