07 October 2023

On the Eve of World Chaos

Experience is the mother of all sciences and revelation is a form of reason.
When bad fortune shuts the door to what we are seeking,
Providence opens a new door through reason to a better experience.
If we fail to open the door to progress and new horizons,
It is not the fault of Providence that we stagnate, but ours alone.
There is no proverb that doesn't carry some truth with it for
Proverbs are drawn from experience, the "Mother of Invention," as it were.
After all, "science fiction" is the seed of all science, is it not?
Vengeance is not the way to right a wrong because it is based on desire.
The first rule of civilization is Peace and only non-violence and self sacrifice will do.
If it need be that vengeance is required, it belongs to our merciful but just Creator.
We must always seek peaceful coexistence, unless Heaven ordains otherwise.
I let out a long sigh of supplication and send it to Heaven as a prayer:
Oh, Lord, when will we ever learn, if it be Thy will that we ever do?
Our Father who art in Heaven, when will Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done? 


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