31 May 2023

No turning back!

If and until we are blessed with tomorrow,
We only have today, and that's all there is.
Most people are what they are and what they were.
They live in a personal ego bubble that they carry around, 
Like a hermit crab carries a sea shell on its back,
And only comes out of its shell to change it for a bigger one
As their lives become more threatened and complicated.
People say that life isn't fair, and that we all can't be lucky,
That we must do what we can and not what we want.
Well, if you don't like to eat bullshit, don't blame the bull,
Blame the guy who feeds it to you, or better yet, turn away.  
By changing today you can change tomorrow but without a decision
Today's problems are guaranteed to be tomorrow's also.
But by making firm committments to change today,
You can free yourself from yesterday's habits forever.
Think things over really hard, make a plan, and then just do it. 
No turning back, no turning back!


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I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. I have been living in Mexico since January 6th, 1999. I am continually studying to improve my knowledge of the Spanish language and Mexican history and culture. I am also a student of Mandarin Chinese.