26 September 2018

The Lesser Towards The Greater

In our mind's eye we recognize a power
Spanning all space, and linking together
Every one of the worlds without end
That spangle the robe of the Infinite.
This illimitable power we call "gravitation"
Which resides in every form of matter, and
By which, particle is attracted to particle,
Mass to mass, the lesser towards the greater.
The smallest speck that floats upon the breeze
Carries this attraction of eternal presence
And we attribute its overarching influence
To that center of all, the will of the Creator.
Gravitation unites the whole by the power of God.
If one of the most remote specks of starlight,
Flickering in the distant dark of a moonless night,
Was removed from its place in the starry vault,
The disturbance would be felt through all Creation.
Attraction, Connection, Complexity, Consciousness.
The unity of progression in the Divine Milieu.


10 September 2018

The Ends of the Earth

In the beginning was the Word,
Scattered to the ends of the earth.
But where are the ends of the earth?
The ends of the earth are where
The Word reaches the farthest,
On and on through space and time.
The ends of the earth are where we rest,
Where the heavenly voice is heard
Through all the lamentations of this world,
Ransomed by our Savior into a new life,
Redeemed from the evil one and the abyss.
Stand by the roads, ask for the ancient path,
Search for the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Follow it, and find eternal life for your soul.


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