16 March 2023

When is enough, enough?

Year upon year, the more things change, the more they stay the same..
As I grow older, the same things happen but in a very strange way.
They happen like before, but somehow, everything is different.
I think it must be a struggle between two capricious illusions,
A combination of blissful nostalgic memories of a happy past,
And the dark déjà vu brought on by memories of "duck and cover."
It is better to live in the "now," between the two eternities,
Than to dwell on the past or to build dream castles in the air.
I thank God that I have something that millions of people may never have.
I have been blessed with just enough, not too much, and not too little,
Have I had adversity? Yes, but it has helped me, as "steel sharpens steel."
There is no real justice in this material world, only the pursuit of justice.
Real justice will be meted out by and by in the world to come,
When our words and deeds are weighed against the feather of truth.
Thousands of souls are dying every day, from poverty, hunger, and gloom.
Oh Children of God what will we say, upon that awful judgement day.
When they accuse us of their doom and cry, "There was never enough!"


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