16 March 2023

When is enough, enough?

Year upon year, the more things change, the more they stay the same..
As I grow older, the same things happen but in a very strange way.
They happen like before, but somehow, everything is different.
I think it must be a struggle between two capricious illusions,
A combination of blissful nostalgic memories of a happy past,
And the dark déjà vu brought on by memories of "duck and cover."
It is better to live in the "now," between the two eternities,
Than to dwell on the past or to build dream castles in the air.
I thank God that I have something that millions of people may never have.
I have been blessed with just enough, not too much, and not too little,
Have I had adversity? Yes, but it has helped me, as "steel sharpens steel."
There is no real justice in this material world, only the pursuit of justice.
Real justice will be meted out by and by in the world to come,
When our words and deeds are weighed against the feather of truth.
Thousands of souls are dying every day, from poverty, hunger, and gloom.
Oh Children of God what will we say, upon that awful judgement day.
When they accuse us of their doom and cry, "There was never enough!"


26 February 2023

Facing the setting sun...

I am getting closer to my ultimate sunset.
Last night I dreamt about St. Elsewhere, 
A carefree place in the land of Sockitoomee,
Where all the lost socks are waiting to be found, 
And where old soldiers go when they fade away.
It's a place where childhood innocence is regained, 
And all good dogs and cats await to be reclaimed.
I bless you, life! I loved and am loved!
The sun and wind caress my upturned face.
The birds, the bees, the flowers and trees,
The grass, the squirrels, and the weeds,
And even the rain and snow are friends.
Life, you owe me nothing...we are at peace!   
I sing out loud and strong of faith and freedom,
Of brotherly love and happy camaraderie.
The poor unfortunate soul who never sings,
But dies with all their music still held within,
Is the human tragedy of a life unsung.


17 February 2023

The Spirit of the Crossroads

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the crossroads.  
The Holy Spirit is the giver of life everywhere; 
Where the mountains meet the forests, 
Where the forrests meet the plains, 
Where the plains meet the rivers, 
Where the rivers meet the seas, 
Where the horizon meets the sky, 
Where language and culture meet, 
Where ethnicity meets diversity,
Where the city meets the countryside, 
Where the past meets the present, 
Where the present meets the future, 
And where male and female come together 
To form generation after generation.
Come, Holy Spirit, Spark of Life,
O Causa Vitae et Spiritus Amoris,
Reside in our hearts and grant us peace.   
(Bob Mrotek 2023)


31 January 2023

Memento Mori

 Cindy Williams, the actress, is dead at 75. She was born at the same time I was. This is my "Memento Mori."
The Bible tells us that “We live for 70 years, or 80 years if we're healthy, yet even in the prime years there are troubles and sorrow. They pass by quickly and we fly away.” (Psalm 90:10) 
Princess Alice, who was the mother of Prince Phillip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, once said, “When you reach seventy you are no longer a participant but only an observer. Your only responsibility is to wait patiently and stay out of the way."
In "Paradise Lost," an epic poem by the 17th-century English poet John Milton, the Archangel Michael spoke to Adam as he and Eve were ushered out of Paradise and gave them some advice. He said, “If you watch what you eat and drink and don’t overdo it you can live a long life. Then, when you get old you will die a more peaceful death. However, your eyesight and your hearing will get weak and you won’t have much fun anymore. You will lose your youthful enthusiasm for life and become melancholy. Don’t hate your life or love it too much. Just live the best way that you can, come what may. Learn to be patient and happy. That is the best way to live. Don’t worry, God will still love you no matter what if you keep your faith in Him. His Holy Spirit is present in everything living thing and He is just a heartbeat away, listening for your prayers which He will answer bye and bye. Even a short repentant sigh or a good deed done in His name will go a long way, for He is always listening and watching." I would only add, "In the meantime, muddle through and carry on, stick it out, stay alive, and keep breathing."

28 January 2023

Where were you...?

 We can't know what we don't know if we never even thought about it. 
God asks us, “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the Earth?”
We answer, “We were there, Lord, potential and implicit, at the Big Bang,
By the grace of God, an inevitable and unstoppable force majeure,
Like a hurricane wind in that overwhelmingly deep womb of creation. 
We, who answer you, your anointed and  ever evolving children,
Who strive toward enlightenment for your honor and glory, 
While opening our eyes to a reality whose wonders never cease.
Hear us, O Lord, and guide us on our journey to your Paradise.


17 January 2023

Forgive us Lord, please.

Perdónanos El Señor, por favor.
Hablamos casi cada día
Con el chisme y de la chusma,
O de la pobreza y de los proles,
Y del costo de los frijoles.
O “¿Va a llover, o no?”
Y “¡Que caliente el sol!”
También de mal gobierno.
Por y para, todo y nada,
Platicamos día tras día,
Y no pasa nada todavía.
Ayúdanos Papa Dios,
Evitar las tonterías.
Señor, Señor, Señor,
M​á​ndanos pena y dolor,
Pero discutir con los locos,
No nos manda Señor...¡Por favor!

Forgive us Lord, please.
We talk almost every day
With the gossip about the riff-raff,
Or of poverty and common folk,
And the cost of the beans.
Or, “Is it going to rain or not?”
And “How hot the sun is!”
Also about bad government.
By and by, everything and nothing,
We talk day after day
And still nothing happens.
Help us Heavenly Father,
To avoid foolishness.
Lord, Lord, Lord,
Send us sorrow and pain,
But to argue with the crazy ones,
Don't send us Lord... Please!


19 November 2022

Hell to pay?

I didn't ask to be born into this world.
The terms are very tough indeed.
If it be thy will Lord, turn me into dust again,
For it is not for me to make endless misery for myself.
Thy will be done and not mine but please have mercy dear God 
The choice between eternal life or eternal damnation 
Makes no sense to me at all. Of course I choose eternal life, 
I am not stupid nor am I complaining, I'm just puzzled.
I'm trying to enjoy all of the good things that you have given me 
But I am fearful of the hell to pay if I make the wrong choice.
I know you chose to give me life and the free will to choose you,
And reward me when I do, but at times I worry about it.
When sinful behavior appears more tempting than good 
And I am weak, I fear eternal damnation. 
What if I am trapped in my grave or some cold dark abyss 
And and physically be dead but still alive spiritually to contemplate 
Forever the poor choices that I had made in life.
Heavenly Father, please save me from myself. 
Take away my useless worrying, anxieties and fears.
Forgive my sins and grant me peace in my heart.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,
On Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen!


20 October 2022

Keep the Faith

God has a message for you, and is waiting patiently for your call.
Get in touch with Him through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
He wants you to know that He loves you and that if you believe in Him,
He will take away your anxieties and fears and forgive your "mistakes."
Call on Him and He will answer you and show you many great things.
Wait patiently for His blessings and tread a righteous path.
In the meantime keep the faith and never give up, for He is our strength.
Eternal life will set us free and this freedom is free for the asking.
The bill was paid by Jesus Christ on the cross long ago.
I found the Lord Jesus and Jesus loves me.
Thank you Lord Jesus for setting me free! 


07 October 2022

When will we ever learn?

Political corruption in a society is like a cancer.
When a cancer spreads all over a body,
Cutting off a finger will be of little help.
Elections happen so that the old money can go out
And come back masquerading as new money.
The country is no longer run by elected leaders.
The country is run by money and purchased leaders.
Leadership becomes the appearance of leadership.
Those brave and honest souls who try and buck the system
Are dragged down like a deer by a pack of wild dogs.
When the skeletons are found and removed from the closet,
Plenty of new skeletons will take their place.
Violent revolution is not a good thing. It goes on forever.
Peace is the first rule of civilization, and,  
Without morality there can be no peace.
"Science" is not our creator, nor our savior.
Almighty God isn't dead. He is alive and well.
He was, and is, and forever shall be the same.
He is telling us for the umpteenth time:
"If My people who are called by My name
Humble themselves and pray, and seek My face,
And turn away from their wicked ways,
Then I will hear their prayers from Heaven, I will
Forgive their sins, and heal their land." (2 Chron 7:14)
Please tell me, Oh Lord. When will we ever learn?  


27 September 2022

Here is solace, let worries cease.

Threescore and ten is the beginning of the end,
When one begins to understand the reality of mortality.
Don't be blinded by only what you can see, but
Break the bond between your mortal eyes
And your immortal soul, and fix upon the essence
Of what lies beyond our earthly experience.
The answers are in the realm of the metaphysical.
Don't be blind to the certainty of the Creator,
And don't be willfully blind to your blindness.
All will eventually be revealed at the end of time.
It's just a matter of putting patience to the test.
Life is like a book and every day is a new page,
Until you find yourself on the last one and then
It says, "The End!" but if you believe in God,
It will say instead..."To Be Continued!"
We have God's Word on it!  (John 1:1-3)
"In the beginning the Word already existed.
The Word was with God, and the Word was God.
He was in the beginning with God.
God created everything through Him."
When you finally see His face the Word will say.
"Come weary traveler, take your ease,
Here is solace, let worries cease."


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