25 April 2016

Pure and Simple

Oh for the happy hours of carefree childhood again!
There was no past and the future was far away.
The hours of endless play were an eternity.
We lived in a space where time began,
Where every empty box was a toy,
And life was pure and simple.
I would like to go home!
Please release me,
And let me go.
Thank you,


19 April 2016

Forgive my mess!

I gaze at the moon and drink its reflection.
How far in the future does my life extend?
Oh where and when does my night begin?
My soul worn down and my mind tired,
They both sit helpless in a broken vehicle.
Neither of the two knows how to fix it.
My heart is like a donkey stuck in mud,
The more that it struggles the deeper it sinks,
But wait; I see the faint glimmering of hope
Floating, floating high above me. God is good.
Oh Lord, Please don't give up on me yet,
And before we are scheduled to meet,
I beg of Thee to forgive my mess. Amen.

04 April 2016

Nothing to fear

On Resurrection Day our bodies will testify against us.
Our hands will say, "I held a lot of money, clean and unclean".
Our mouths will say, "I ate too much and talked too much."
Our feet will say, "I went where I shouldn't have gone."
And our genitals will agree, and say, "Me too!"
They will all testify that we have been hypocrites,
And our prayers are mostly just parroted words,
That will never be worth as much as our deeds.
My gaze is already upon the hill, the sunlit one.
The path to the summit grows steeper and steeper,
There is a headwind and many brambles with thorns.
Nevertheless, my Lord and Savior beckons me on.
Onward ever, backward never, everything to gain,
And with the grace of God, nothing at all to fear.


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