08 November 2021

Where what is willed must be...

​Oh, you divider at whom I aim my words,
You who change your mind at the whim of the wind,
Whose worldly deeds are not those of the noble lion,
But rather those unseemly tricks of a wiley fox.
Warped words wreak havoc on people's lives​.​
With rhetorical witticism instead of sound advice​,​
The human tongue can set the world ablaze.
False counsel undermines the common good​.​
​Even if​ your infamy reaches the ends of the earth,
It will not be so in Heaven, for you will be absent.
In these troubled waters it may seem time for many
To lower their sails and gather in their lines, but
Silence is worse than sin because it clears the way
For conscience to ignore the culpability of guilt.
It is impossible to repent and sin at the same time.
In Hell the wages of sin accrue to those who
Incur the just punishment for sowing discord.
It has been willed where what is willed must be,
For only with the power and will of Almighty God
Can human faith have hope to triumph over evil. 


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