19 January 2024

Year after year...

Year after year the material desires we long for recede before us
Into the future and we, with arms outstretched, chase after them.
The sad thing about loving material things is they can't love you back.
The "American Dream" as some people call it, the dream of solvency
And equality with liberty and justice for all, will never come true.
Life is not a bitcoin. Time is the one true currency.
When you look up at the clock it's already suppertime;
When you look up at the calendar it's the end of the month;
When you look up, the year is over and many years have passed!
Once a year we hold a festival and all with one accord unite
In brotherly affection and good will, and afterward the rat race continues.
And so we beat on against the current, borne back ceaselessly.
As it was so, it will ever be, and as it first began, so it continues.
But...It doesn't matter how hopeless to us that life may seem.
Don't let a day pass without an effort to make the world a better place.
More shall be given to those who give of themselves.  
For peace and harmony and the greater glory of our Creator.
Between stimulus and response there is a space, and
In that space is our free will power to choose good or evil,
And how we respond determines our freedom and eternal life.
We must love God with our whole heart, and soul, and mind,
And love our neighbors through non-violent self-sacrifice.
Therein lies the mystery. The answer lies in fervent prayer.


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