08 July 2022

Just passing through...

Millions of people suffer from anxiety and stress,
That comes from wanting what they can't have,
And not wanting to settle for anything less.
The grass is always greener somewhere else,
And someone else is always the lucky one,
With money, good looks, influence, and power.
The only cure for this type of nagging mental stress,
Is dedicated self sacrifice and wanting less,
And wanting more for others who haven't any.
The good that it will do will last forever, and,
It is the only real antidote for the pain of loss.
"I felt bad because I had no shoes until,
I met a man who had no feet," says it all.
Sympathy, empathy, compassion, passion, and action,
Are the keys to happiness in this life on earth,
And the path to enlightenment and eternal bliss.
We are all brothers here just passing through.
I'm glad I had a chance to communicate with you.
Please pass on to others what I said, 
While passing through.


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