26 August 2022

The Strongest Medicine

Tears shed before God are the strongest medicine.
It takes a lot of tears to mend a broken heart,
And prayer is what comes from your soul.
It is the voicing of all that was left unsaid,
That helps your heart find the peace you seek.
My soul awaits the coming of the Lord,
More than watchmen wait for the morning,  
Where there is no vision there is no rainbow.
Dream of Paradise, Don't give in to the dark side.
It is always a beautiful Sunday morning in Heaven.  
I'm headed there at sixty minutes an hour,
And no one can stop me but me, myself, and I.
Oh Lord, you delivered Daniel from the lion's den.
You delivered Jonah from the belly of the fish, and
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the oven.
Lord, please deliver me from evil also, Amen!


03 August 2022

The Strongest Medicine

Suddenly, at the cheerless threshold of old age,
And with a nagging touch of hypochondria,
I'm caught between skepticism and optimism
About my voyage in life and my cargo of regrets,
My soul has scars that were left by errors
In the quest for my share of sun, sky, air and light,
My daily bread, water, and shelter for the night,
From the rising of the sun to the going down thereof.
One's past is not a life sentence. It's a lesson to be learned.
Destiny always seems decades away, but suddenly it's not.
It's right now, this minute, right here, upon this very spot.
I want an end that comes towards me slowly, like my old dog,
Who would place his head in my lap wanting to be petted.
I am a defender of the status quo, not ready for the future shock
That is already here, but isn't equally distributed.
Doubts may flit about me and block my access to the light,
But tears shed before God are the strongest medicine.
The Holy Spirit lives within me and will never let me down.
I will pray continuously for peace of mind and peace on earth
Even to the last clod of dirt thrown upon my grave. 


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