29 July 2019

As far as the Earth is from Heaven

God created the fish to swim in the sea,
He created the birds to fly in the air,
The sun to shine by day, the moon by night,
The stars to twinkle in the heavens above,
And humans to love God with all their heart.
We creatures of the lovely planet Earth,
Unruly in demeanor, and sinful by nature,
Who live to replace ourselves one by one
For the short while that our soul wears flesh.
We chase the dollar, to make ends meet and, 
Lucky are we that God gives second chances.
We all float down the same river of time,
Some enter upstream and some farther down,
But no one can enter the same river twice.
Our consciousness is a river of no return.
One day by God's grace we may reach the delta
As far away from now as Earth is from Heaven.
At the river's mouth is the Giver of Light,
A Being Who is truthful, wise, and loving,
A God Who is deserving of our faithfulness.
To Him be the Kingdom, Power, and Glory!
Truth, Wisdom, Love, The Holy Trinity.

.As far as the Earth is from Heaven

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