20 November 2020

When will that be?

Some people have asked me with incredulity and scorn;
"Do you really believe that Jesus will come again?"
My answer is, "There is no doubt in my mind!"
They ask "Pray tell, and when will that be?"
I say that perhaps the time has not yet come,
Or perhaps He already goes among us unrecognized,
But He will assuredly appear again as He has promised,
And teach mankind how to live in unity and peace.
The Good Shepherd will gather His sheep At the borderline,
Between belief and unbelief in God the Father Almighty,
And reward all those who believe with eternal life.
He will chastise those who played at being Christian
For the sake of tradition but with empty minds and hearts,
Void of sympathy, empathy, compassion, and action.
Where is His church; in Rome, Jerusalem, or Istanbul?
It is in the hearts of those who love their neighbors, and
Willingly make sacrifices for the sake of others, regardless
Of what language they speak or the color of their skin.
Blessed be those of whom the Lord spoke;
"I know My sheep and My sheep know Me."
They recognize each other and share the same heart,
Brothers and sisters, the children of a Heavenly Father.
Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! 


11 November 2020

One more day...

 As I trot along the road of remorse,
To the place where I drifted astray,
I realize from the length of the journey,
That I've come back from far away, and that,
God never did abandon me, even for a day.
When I open my eyes each morning,
I am blessed by the morning light,
Thank you Lord for one more day,
And hopefully one more night.


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