11 September 2023

Stay in the "now."

Time is a human concept. It is all relative
To where we are on the map of the Universe.
Speed = distance divided by human time,
Distance = speed × human time, and  
Human time = distance divided by speed.
Our days are measured by the rotation of the Earth
And the circumnavigation of Earth around the Sun.
The Earth doesn't know how old it is and neither
Does the Sun or the Moon, and they don't care.
They just obey the will of their Creator.
We leave human time only when we choose to.
That's why time "flies" when we are having fun.
Some of us care a lot about human time. Why?
Because we hate to be late for our own funeral?
A poor life it is, if we are not aware of timelessness.
We still have plenty of time to stop. think, and
Search out God and the nature of time and space.
What is "now"? It is like one tic-toc on the human clock.
Do caterpillars know that they will be butterflies,
Or do they just build themselves a coffin, go to sleep,
And wake up later, delightfully surprised?
Join the congregation of what's happening now!
Don't worry. Be happy. Stay in the "now".
All of the time. It's about time!
(Bob Mrotek 2023)


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