18 November 2017

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

I am not a mere lump of clay nor a stone.
I am a poet disguised as a philosopher,
The allegorical star in a stone boat.
I stand on a sandbar in the river of time,
Straining the eyes of my soul in its
Quest for goodness, truth, and justice.
I am not a defender of the status quo.
Doubts may flit about me and cloud my mind,
But the light of the world lives within me,
And the Holy Spirit will never fail me.
Forgetting what lies behind me,
And pressing forward to what lies ahead,
I strive toward the goal for my reward.
I don't take seriously the opinions of others
And I am not easily swayed by appearances.
Thought after thought, thinking things through,
Can be a burden. Who knows what to do?
In the long journey out of the self
There are many detours from the path.
Things that I do that I should be doing
Require nothing more to do but shoulder on.
Things that I do that I shouldn't do,
Must be confessed, repented, and put aside.
I follow my Redeemer wherever He leads;
Where the iron is struck when it's hot,
Where the steel rivet is hammered home,
Where the rubber meets the road,
And where the sidewalk ends.
Glory to God in the highest,
And on Earth, peace, and
Good will toward everyone.
To our Father in Heaven
Be honor and glory forever, and may
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ
Be with your spirit. Amen!


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