01 October 2012

Mouseland Revisited

I am very fond of the famous "Mouseland" speech of the beloved Canadian politician Tommy Douglas who is considered the "Father of Canadian Health Care". He is so admired in Canada that in a poll taken by the Canadian Broadcasting System in 2004 he was named "The Greatest Canadian of All Time". The Mouseland story was told by Tommy Douglas in 1944 but it is so apropos of the coming presidential election in November that I want to share it with you again. Tommy used this story many times to show in a humorous way how voters fail to recognize that neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives are truly interested in what matters to ordinary citizens, yet people continue to vote for them. Perhaps the next time around we will have a winning third party candidate if we can ever find a popular Libertarian without a loose screw or a well-meaning Socialist like Tommy who doesn't give the people the communist scare.

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