25 October 2021

The Aim of Mankind

The world of the inanimate is beautiful, but
The world of the animate is cruel and merciless.
Worldly life gives birth to worldly death unless
We choose by our own free will the alternative.
To avoid a worldly death we need enlightenment.
To achieve enlightenment we must be kind, and
Sympathetic, empathetic, compassionate, and
Passionate, and active in our own self sacrifice.
Through malice toward none, and charity to all
We pass directly from finite life to eternal life.
The formula is simple but difficult to follow.
To love God with our whole heart, soul, and mind,
And love our neighbors as ourselves, and have
Sympathy + Empathy + Compassion + Action
Which = Love, Charity, Truth, and Salvation.
The chief end of man is the glory of God
And to enjoy His abundant blessings forever.
We exist to glorify God and align ourselves
With Him and seek to bless everyone we meet
In some special, personal, and practical way.


03 October 2021

Are we going the right way?

We claim to trust in God and render unto Mammon.
God being the greater good, it stands to reason,
That we follow His laws for our common good.
But we too often ignore both God and Mammon,
Being untrue to both and prosperous in neither.
We follow our own desires for pleasure and greed,
Rebelling against both God and civil authority,
The imperfect human will brings forth weeds
That are barren of fruit and do not flower,
Strangers to God and indifferent to humanity,
No good for great things and too bad for good.
In the end many will lament the terrible loss
Of what might have been but never was.
Now is the time to stop ourselves and say,
"Are we truly going the right way?"  


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