28 September 2010

Raindrops falling from my eyes...

Chapter 5, verse 45 of book of Matthew in the Bible contains the Sermon on the Mount during which Jesus mentions that the Father in Heaven makes the sun rise on both good and evil and he makes it rain on both the just and the unjust alike. I suppose that is okay by me for after all, who am I to argue with God? The thing that concerns me is that He also makes it rain on the rich and the poor alike and in that case I am sure that the rich have an easier time of it. However, looking at it from God's point of view (I only wish) it seems like the most logical thing to do is to stay out of the weather business altogether except for reminding us of His covenant with Noah by showing us an occasional rainbow. This past week we are also reminded of how devastating too much rain can be as we watched the situation unfold in the states of Veracruz, Tabasco, and Oaxaca.

Here in Irapuato in the Bajío Region of the central highlands we have been blessed with a fairly normal summer rainy season. It isn't always like that. When I arrived in Irapuato about ten years ago it was at the tail end of a serious drought and the land was bone dry. On the flip side, the last serious flood occurred back on August 23rd, 1973 and it was devastating. People here still talk about it, especially on the anniversary every year. As bad as that flood was though, it pales in comparison with what has happened to other places in Mexico, not to mention China, Pakistan, and even Europe. For that matter, the people of New Orleans deserve a shout out as well, particularly the people of Plaquemine Parish and those of the 9th Ward.

In any given place on any given day there are no doubt some people praying for rain and others praying for sunshine. On one block a woman may be praying fervently for sunshine on her daughter's wedding and one block over a man might be praying for rain to keep his prize winning tomatoes from wilting in the heat. When I was a kid and the weatherman forecast snow we prayed for lots of it so the school would close and we could all go sledding while my poor old Dad the mail carrier was praying for mercy. As far as the weather is concerned I think that God just lets that part of His creation run itself.

I heard a story here about a couple who had two sons. One son was a farmer and the other was a rancher. The father went to see his son the farmer and he asked him how things were going. His son told him that things were great and that it looked like he was going to have a huge crop of wheat unless it rained. If it rained withing the next fifteen days the wheat would be ruined. Then he went to visit the son who was a rancher and asked him how things were going. His son told him that they weren't going very well at all. He said that it had been too dry and that the water holes were drying up and if it didn't rain within the next fifteen days he would probably loose all his cattle. The man went home feeling very sad and when he got home he hung his hat upon the usual peg and his wife said to him "So, how are the boys?" and he looked at her and what do you think he said? Well I really don't know what he said but if he loved his wife he probably just said "Fine dear, just fine..."


beckyc said...

A strange thing it is, the omnipotence of God. I take great comfort in it, yet readily admit I don't fully understand it. It's a grand mystery: God is in control of all, but does He control all?

www.travelwithkevinandruth.com said...

My husband's dad has always said "the only thing you can change about the weather is your attitude about it"

Kevin and Ruth

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I like that comment about the weather. As a hippie being married to a catholic I have raised my kids with Mother Earth and her love for us. When the catholic teachings came in- we told them- god planted the seed of Earth and trusts his beloved angel Mother Earth to keep and care for it.

All ideas (well, almost all ideas) can exists in harmony.

GlorV1 said...

I agree about the only thing you can change about the weather is your attitude. Pass the tequila please.:) Have a great Thursday and I sure wish it would rain over here, a cold rain. Ah, I love a cold rain.

Unknown said...

I like that verse. Because everyone gets a fair shake.Or a needed lucky break. For instance, I think a thief by night is getting a chance to buy some new shoes tomorrow b/c someone gave him money to bless him. Maybe that "rain" on him will change his hard heart. We have lots of rain here. Even though the latest storm sidestepped us, the rain continues.

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