20 September 2010

Come and get it!

The other day my friend Javi Nava sent me some photos of a country chicken roast that was done by stacking chickens over vegetables and then roasting them under metal cans. The photos below will explain the process better than I can. It sure looks like a good idea. All you need are some metal pans with a rod attached to the center and some five gallon (19 liter) cans that will fit over them. For a fire you can use any old wood or even tree or brush trimmings. I was thinking about trying this myself but I ran into a slight problem. Since I only have a small back yard I am afraid that the aroma of roasting chickens would draw all of my neighbors and there wouldn't be enough chicken to go around. I could always add more chickens but then the additional smoke and flames might draw the "bomberos" (firemen) and I still wouldn't have enough chicken to feed everyone. Civilization is not an ideal place for this method of cooking. Nooooo, to really make this work what you need is a place out in the middle of nowhere like perhaps the hills around Pátzcuaro. The only other thing I can say is:

A mi me gusta pollo rostizado. Las fotos se me hacen agua la boca.
I really like roast chicken. The pictures make my mouth water!

Note to my fellow Spanish students: Why do I say "Las fotos" and not "Los fotos"? Because the word "fotos" is short for "fotografías" and fotografías is feminine.


Steve Cotton said...

Sounds tasty. But I am never quite certain when chicken is done under these circumstances.

Leslie Harris (de Limon) said...

My only question is why wasn't I invited? :) Looks delicious! We may have to try this at El Rancho one of these days! :)

www.travelwithkevinandruth.com said...

Looks delicious! How long would you cook the chicken for, when you cook it this way?

Kevin and Ruth

One Small Voz said...

That looks delicious! Hoping Leslie will try this and write a post with instructions. :-)

Bob Mrotek said...

Please do try this and take some pictures. If you invite me, I'll even pay for the chicken and vegetables.

Steve, Kevin and Ruth,
No hay problema. There is a built in timer. Notice the potatoes at the bottom of the stack. All you have to do is lift the can a little and stick a knife into a potato. If it goes in quite easily the chicken is done. If the knife doesn't go in easily then drop the can back down and toss another bush on the fire. The whole process shouldn't take more than an hour to an hour and a half.

I'm with you, Kid :)

1st Mate said...

It does look good. Maybe it would be a good thing to do out on a picnic somewhere that neighbors aren't salivating over your back fence.

bordersaside said...

Yummmm, Thanks Bob now I'm hungry. Man that looks so good and kinda fun to. I love cooking over fires.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Yummy! That looks great!

Unknown said...

Ja, que ingeniosos. Nunca me hubiera imaginado que cocinaran así. He visto hornos bajo la tierra en donde encienden la lumbre y ponen un cazo dentro, lo tapan y más fuego encima. Creo que es tardado la cocción pero así... me gusta. ¡Yo quiero pollo felíz!

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