12 June 2010

I now have a clue.

Have you ever wondered about why Gringos and Mexicans have such a different perception of time? Today I was browsing Mark Frauenfelder's blog "Boing Boing" and I saw a You Tube presentation by Professor Philip Zimbardo on "The Secret Powers of Time". This presentation is very well done. It makes a lot of sense and I plan to watch it a number of times until I grasp the whole thing in its entirety and can explain it to others. I am sure that you will enjoy it. This will also be especially helpful to anyone with kids or grandkids who is interested in the future.


Frankly Ronda said...

This is such a great perspective. So many reactions.

(1) It does a give logical and practical viewpoint of how time is viewed by MX versus USA as well as other different cultures. I would say it is important not to think there has to be a right way and wrong way. That all should be one or the other. Difference is okay. Understanding may lead to tolerance.

(2) I honestly think we are the only family I know that has not allowed our children to have a video game device yet. I only know this is right decision for our family. Our kids play plenty at other homes and love to play.

(3) I am that person who hates waiting for my computer to boot up and files to download. Oh my gosh! I try to repress the anxious feeling but it is there lurking ...

(4) We do have family dinners. We try very hard to make it priority. It has been great to eat every evening on our balcony here in MX. The way the USA childrearing culture has evolved to this constant motion around our kids' activities is THE barrier to family dinners.

(5) I do not have this as fully developed in my mind yet but I believe this intense USA cultural direction of technology and mult-tasking is having a negative impact on boys and men in particular. It concerns me for future generations for both men and women. What are the direct consequences for men? How will women have to react to handle?

I could probably go on and on ...

On a less serious note: the marker technique he used was great!

Thanks for posting!

beckyc said...

Quite interesting. I'll have to look at that a little closer.... when I have time, ha!

Bob Mrotek said...

American Mommy,

I agree with you on all five points. I think that the key word that you used is "intense". I have been here eleven years working as a technician, instructor, and quality assurance manager. When I arrived I was like a lobster being dropped into boiling water. I was like the rooster who got up well before dawn each morning to make sure that the sun would rise. Now I am becoming more of a "mañana" person. Why? I'm not quite sure. Perhaps I can tell you...mañana. All that I can tell you today is that I am no longer interested in multitasking :)

Calypso said...

Have to agree - like the explanation method - I have seen them before. Here is another good one:


Angie said...

Very interesting! We also have dinner as a family, and go out together (even our 21 year old comes with us!). It does make a great difference. I have also become a mañana person-for better or worse!

Alice said...

"How much time do you spend at the dentist's office before they start drilling?" -- I've been pondering this time duration recently, as I've noticed a pattern with my dentist. He will book me first thing in the morning at 10:30, but he won't show up until 11. I've been wondering whether to just up at 11 or start changing my appointment time to 11 (or will he start showing up at 11:30?). Instead of a DTR (define the relationship), we're going to start needing a DTPOF (define the pace of life).

Bob Mrotek said...

I think the problem is that you may not have the "clue" yet. I make the appointment with the dentist for 10:30 and then I just go whenever it is convenient and he seems to do the same. Ninety percent of the time it works out very well. You really don't need to make an appointment because most dentists aren't that busy anyway. All you really need to do is show up. If he is busy you can wait a little while or come back later. They don't "stack" appointments like they do in the U.S. Just unwind and go with the flow. I know, I know, it takes some getting used to but you will be much happier when you do :)

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