13 June 2010

How the heck can I wash my neck ?

It ain't gonna rain no more, no more,
It ain't gonna rain no more.
So how the heck can I wash my neck,
If it ain't gonna rain no more?

"It Ain't Gonna Rain No More" was one of my father's favorite songs. It was written and recorded by Wendell Hall in 1923. As a matter of fact it was the best selling record of that year and it sold over two million copies. Wendell Hall was born in 1898 in Kansas and started his career in Vaudeville. He played both the xylophone and the ukulele and later became famous for his work with the ukulele. Wendell was known as both "the red-haired music maker" and the "pineapple picador". In those days when radio wasn't yet very developed people made their own entertainment and the ukulele and the banjo were very popular. When I was a kid many of my older relatives used to reminisce about playing in banjo and ukulele bands and how much fun it was. The servicemen of World War II grew up listening to music written by Wendell Hall and his songs were great favorites. I think my father knew about one hundred verses to "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More" and he and his army buddies probably made up most of them.

For the past month I have been searching the sky for rainclouds and humming my father's old song. As it happens every year I was getting a little desperate for a nice soaking rain. Last week we had a few light evening showers in places but they did little more than settle the dust and raise the humidity. Very early this morning, in the "wee" hours on the Feast of Saint Anthony, we received our first soaking rain. The the birds and the bees and the grass and the trees are all smiling and so are the farmers. It is like taking that first swig of iced tea after a long and grueling tennis match in the hot sun. Thank you, God, for the rain...and for everything else too!


Unknown said...

I feel your pain, but wash that neck anyhow! Our rains started on cue in mid May. It's about to rain again, Gracias a Dios!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I love that song! I forgot all about it. My mom used to get records from the library when we were kids and this was one of the songs. That and the Baboon's wedding are the ones I remember.

GlorV1 said...

I like that song too. I wish it would rain again, that's for sure. I'm a rain type person.
Have a great week. You are thinking of your Dad, as Father's Day is almost upon us. Play the song for him on Father's Day. He'll love it. Take care.

Angie said...

Aparently, ukuleles are back (or maybe they never were gone). I like the music of young talents like Emilie Simon and Sophie Madeleine. They have their videos up in you tube. Check them out.
And, yes, today's rain was really lovely. We're haveing a sprinkling right now.....

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