21 October 2009

Tostadas de Cueritos de Carmelita

This post is dedicated to our friends Suzanne and John of the blog "Living in San Miguel" so that they have an alternative to ingesting their weekly ration of cueritos via "Dori-Locos". The following recipe for cueritos (pickled pig skin) comes from my "suegra" (mother-in-law) Carmelita. She never serves cueritas in the form that they come from the store. She takes them a further step and "cures" them in her own special way. The result is a very tasty snack that tastes good with or without hot sauce. I am leaving it in the original Spanish because the recipe is simple enough that even beginners in Spanish should be able to follow it. There may be a few stumbling blocks but for the most part it is pretty straight forward. Just remember that "sal al gusto" means "salt to taste", "chucharada cafetera" means "a regular coffee spoon", "una pizca de sal" is "a pinch of salt, "se rectifica la sal" means "taste it to see if it needs more salt", and "frijol muy bien extendido" means "bean paste well spread out". Note that "duro de harina" is a wheat alternative to corn tostadas.

Tostadas de Cueritos de Carmelita


1 Kilo de cueritos
6 limones
Sal al gusto
2 cucharadas cafeteras de orégano
1 taza de frijol molido
1 col pequeña finamente picada y desinfectada
1 paquete de tostadas

Para la salsa:

4 jitomates
1 cebolla grande
3 chiles de árbol, el picante es al gusto
1 cucharada cafetera de aceite (opcional)
una pizca de sal

Manera de hacerse:

Primero se enjuagan en agua, muy bien los cueritos, se ponen en un recipiente y se agrega, orégano, sal y el jugo de 4 limones. Se mezcla muy bien y se deja reposar varias horas, los cueritos toman el sabor del orégano, la sal y el limón. Están listos para comerse.

Aparte se pica el jitomate, la cebolla y se agrega la sal y el chile picado también, se mezcla muy bien, si se desea con un poco de aceite, se rectifica la sal y listo.

Sobre una tostada se pone un poco de frijol muy bien extendido, un poco de col, cueritos, un poco de salsa y unas gotas de limón.

También se pueden servir los cueritos con la col sobre un duro de harina, que venden en las dulcerías y se agrega también salsa Valentina o salsa San Luis además de la salsa picada, con un poco de limón.

Nota: En esta familia los cueritos siempre se curten o sazonan, antes de comerse, nunca de la tienda a la mesa.

De ahí el éxito de las tostadas.

¡ Buen Provecho!


Generacion Googleinstein said...

Esta padrisimo el Blog de "Living in San Miguel" y de verdad se antojan los "Dorilocos"...mmmhhh!!!

Leslie Harris (de Limon) said...

Bob, I was just thinking of posting a recipe for Tostadas de cueritos on my recipe blog. We have quite a few leftover cueritos from Hubby's birthday party tonight, and he suggested we make tostadas de cueritos. My hubby and kiddies love their cueritos en vinagre.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about these tostadas.

Suzanne said...

Thank you Bob and Gina, I've never had a tosada dedicated to me (and John), let alone one made with carmelita's special cueritos recipe. I see we are going to have to have an experiment that we invite the neighbors in for.

Speaking of foods you don't see in the US any more - seems like any part of an animal that people have humanized with such as head/eyes/feet/organs/skin etc are no longer found in mainstream stores. You just don't see them unless you live in an area where there is a Mexican Carniceria. My father used to eat pickled pigs feet which I think the health food community would cringe at these days but all of us kids would sit around him hoping for a bite and considered them one of the ultimate treats when he brought them in the house.

Maybe there's a blog post on carnicerias coming...


Leslie Harris (de Limon) said...

Bob, I just wrote a post on how we like to eat our cueritos! You can check it out at http://recipesbyleslie.blogspot.com/2009/10/encurtidos.html

Anonymous said...

I loove youre recipe

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