23 September 2009

More signs at the DIF Convivencia Familiar

Not long ago I wrote about our beloved Irapuato family park called the DIF Convivencia Familiar. First I wrote about its history, and then about learning Spanish from its signs. You can read about it by clicking HERE and HERE. Just recently they put up some new signs and so I am adding the words to our "reading signs vocabulary" and many of them are handy words to have in your noggin and ready to use. I suggest that you read the Spanish and then the English definitions that I have added and then go and look at the pictures below to see if you can remember all of the meanings. Here we go:

Isla de Reciclaje
Recycle Island

Amigos del parque en acción
Friends of the park in action

Deposita las pilas en los contenedores
Put the batteries in the containers

Desechos Orgánicos
Organic Waste



Papel y Cartón (Note that "papel" is pronounced "pah-PEHL" in Spanish)
Paper and Cardboard

Metal (Note that it is pronounced "meh-TAHL" in Spanish)

(Note: When a word in Spanish ends in a consonant other than an "N" or "S" it is generally stressed on the last syllable.)

Do you see the trap door with the lock on it in the first photo? I tell all the kids that the monsters are kept down there. Then I give them all flashlights so they can check for monsters under their beds before they go to sleep at night. Their moms all love me...Not!

Misión - Fomentar el desarrollo integral de la familia mediante actividades, espacios, y foros para el público en general, teniendo como punto eje los valores.
Mission - To promote the integral development of the family through activities, open spaces, and forums for the general public, centered around an axis of values.

Visión - Ser un espacio distintivo de convivencia, recreación, entretenimiento, aprendizaje, y fomento de valores para todos las personas que visiten esta centro.
Vision - To be a hallmark of gathering space, recreation, entertainment, learning, and promoting of values for all visitors to this center.

Valores - Respeto, Protección Ecológica, Compromiso, Responsabilidad, Honestidad, Confianza
Values - Respect, Ecological Protection, Commitment, Responsibility, Honesty, Trust

Participa en nuestros recorridos ecológicas y familiares
Participate our ecological and family tours

Advertencia - Se consignará a la persona que se soprenda grafiteando la instalaciones del Centro de Conviviencia Familiar. Attn - Dirección General
(Attn = Atentamente)
Warning - The person who is caught painting grafiti on the facilities of the Center for Family Gathering will be turned over [to the authorities] Sincerely - Director General

Por Higiene - No escupas en la pista.
For Hygiene - Do not spit on the track.

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