01 September 2009

IMSS Health Care

There is a good article about Mexico's IMSS health care in USA Today entitled "Mexico's health care lures Americans".

The link is: http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2009-08-31-mexico-health-care_N.htm


canadiangrl said...

A good article..I am sure Mexico's health care will lure some Americans given the current economy and cost of healthcare. The question is - will Mexican health care be able to survive as a result of crippling health care costs? A tragic ending? Lets hope not

YayaOrchid said...

oh, Bob! Don't get me started on American healthcare...it's just the pits! I am so angry that we are giving the insurance companies a free ride by refusing to even engage in good dialogue and to explore other options.

I'll have to read that link you gave us. Sorry, I just had to vent. Do you know that I put off going to the Doctor because of the way things are? That is just not right.

GlorV1 said...

I will check the link as well. I had to pay for my flu shot today because my insurance wouldn't pay for it because it is not considered "medicine" or prescribed medication yet?? Excuse me, what about preventive medicine. Oh well I'm less 29.00 dollars. That's a lot for a flu shot.

Calypso said...

Thanks for the heads up on the article - just been talking about that issue here in the states.

Frankly Ronda said...

Thanks for article link. Short and to the point.

Suzanne said...

Hi Bob,
thanks for the article, I missed seeing this one but put it up on my blogpost about Medical insurance options in Mexico & our IMSS application process.

I went down to the clinic today with my trusty little papers and we are now officially recognized here. Have our first physical appointment Oct. 6th.

I also loved the fishing lunch story - that would be a good one to go do with my next door neighbors and their 10 year old son


Bob Mrotek said...


I hope that your experience with the doctor at IMSS is as pleasant as I have experienced. Sometimes the IMSS system is a little tedious but with a little bit of patience you should do okay. The best part about it is the regular routine. Since I have been seeing the doctor monthly my health has improved immensely and the doctor actually listens to me, imagine that :)

I hope that you take the 10 year old fishing. All you need is a pole made from carrizo (bamboo-like ditch weed) and some line and a hook. You can use bread or cheese for bait. Good luck!

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