28 October 2007

On Mexican Time

Today is the last Sunday in October. Traditionally, that is when we adjust our clocks because we go off of Daylight Saving Time. A friend of mine called me this morning to remind me of that and I faithfully went around the house resetting my clocks and installing new batteries. I found out later in the day that what I did was correct for Mexico but that here in Mexico we are now one hour behind the same time zone in the United States. In 2007, the United States changed its Daylight Saving Time observance under something called he Energy Policy Act of 2005 which mandated that in 2007 Daylight Saving Time would end on the first Sunday in November. This year the change date for the U.S. isn’t until November 4. In 2006, the date was the last Sunday in October which is what we still observe down here. I don’t know if anybody ever got around to telling Mexico or if Mexico never got around to changing their law as well. The thing is, why the change? Why disrupt a system for one lousy week? Is it worth all of the problems involved with computers, airline schedules, banking transactions, and communications? I think that the people in charge of keeping time in the United States are wrapped too tight. They need to relax and take a break and get away from it all. They need to come visit Mexico and see how we do it down here. For one thing, we know better than to kick a sleeping dog. That is something the U.S. government seems to be good at.

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