22 October 2007

No matter what!

It seems like a day doesn't go by without a new crisis unfolding somewhere in the world and depending on if you are a Democrat or Republican, a Liberal or a Conservative, a Christian or a Jew, a Muslim or a Hindu or even something else you might be praying for different things. The same thing goes for the president. No matter who is president they have to continually watch out to make sure that they don't pray for the wrong thing and run afoul of the law of unintended consequences. The first impulse may not always be the best. They tell a story here in Mexico about a couple who had two sons. One son was a farmer and the other was a rancher. The father went to see his son the farmer and he asked him how things were going. His son told him that things were great and that it looked like he was going to have a huge crop of wheat unless it rained. If it rained within the next fifteen days the wheat would be ruined so he was praying that it wouldn't rain. Then he went to visit the son who was a rancher and asked him how things were going. His son told him that they weren't going very well at all. He said that it had been too dry lately and that the water holes were drying up and if it didn't rain within the next fifteen days he would probably loose all his cattle so he was praying very hard that it would rain. The man went home feeling very sad and when he got home he hung his hat upon the usual peg and his wife said to him "So, how are the boys?" and he looked at her and what do you think he said? Well I really don't know what he said because I wasn't there but if he loved his wife he probably just looked at her and said "Fine dear, just fine"...and that is what the President of the United States continues to tell his wife and the American people...no matter what!

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