25 June 2022

Through Time and Space Without a Trace

What is old age? Is it sooner rather than later or both?
Old age is like a grain of sand that is trodden beneath the feet of time,
Compared to a mountain of youth whose head is lost in the clouds.
​The pathway to Heaven is a very steep and slippery slope.
Perhaps God could provide a special elevator for people like me,
Who are handicapped with weak determination and resolve.
Maybe it is better to die at dawn or mid-day rather than at dusk.
I admit that God can work His will on earth without my help,
But I thank Him for His mercy that lets me try to please Him.
Feed your lambs, Oh Lord, and number me among your flock.
At times there are no words to describe how helpless I feel,
And reality falls short of my dreams for a better tomorrow.
In this age of acceleration, and greed for wealth and power,
All is vanity except loving God, our Father, and serving Him alone.
With puberty dawns the realization of the seriousness of life,
And the consciousness of responsibility becomes a nagging burden.
It is so easy to lose one's way in life when the temptations
Of the modern world and of the flesh are so prurient and blatant.
For me this earth seems like a place of exile, and I dream of Heaven,
A Heaven where it will always be like a sunny Sunday afternoon,
Where I will be like a ten year old child and my dog can talk.
The earth is not my home but is a ship that takes me there.
My spaceship Earth passes through time and space without a trace.
It takes me home to spend eternity in the bosom of the Great Attractor.
By the grace of God I will not be harmed by transitory things.
I am fortunate to have lived a life with a heart touched by passion.
And for this my soul overflows with gratitude.


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