22 May 2022

Like blood that stains the grass...

 The abyss is full of souls who turned their face away from God,
To follow earthly pleasures and who now grieve through Hell's eternal night.
Those who court the fame that lives in name only after their flesh is gone,
Are like blood that stains the grass and is washed away by the rain.
It is the lust for wealth and power that changes a shepherd into a wolf,
A wolf that scatters the sheep and drives them from the fold to the flames.
Lies are acts that to the liar are more convenient and attractive than truth.
Beware of the wolf who wears sheep's clothing in order to deceive others,
Test all things and hold fast only to what is good, and proven, and true.
Heavenly Father, grant that I am always wise in thought, word, and deed,
By the light of your Holy Spirit, rejoicing in your divine consolation. Amen.


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