24 December 2021

Peace and Good Will

Our Father who Art in Heaven,
Who is not only present in the great beyond,
But also in our earth-bound heart of hearts,
Hallowed be thy name and hallowed be thy grace
That grants salvation to every believer
Through the merits of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
At this season of the celebration of His Incarnation,
Grant us peace and good will to all of our neighbors,
Because we cannot do it by ourselves without help,
No matter what we promise and how hard we try.
Like the Angels whose wills are thy wills,
Teach us to offer up our own wills to thee.
Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive the 
Bad treatment we have received from others,
Through thy infinite mercy divine, and
Forgive us our own sins of thought, word, and deed.
Let our faith be tested by the evil powers,
But no more than we are able to bear.
We not only pray for ourselves, Lord,
But for all the souls of the faithful departed and
All of the people that they leave behind.
Thy kingdom come and thy will be done. Amen!


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