06 March 2021

The Natural Order of Things

The correct way to live is in harmony with the natural order of Creation.
Once upon a time people lived together in harmony with the natural order.
In the next age they chose to be led in harmony by rulers whom they chose.
The rulers didn't follow the natural order but ruled by personal desires.
In the next age the people began to fear their rulers and this led to anxiety.
After a while, the people grew angry with their rulers and began to despise them.
When morality, truth, and justice are deficient in a leader the people follow.
The politicians begin to play the blame game with clever words and slogans.
The honest "yes" or "no" versus the shady "perhaps" or "maybe so" (or "not").
Little is the difference that they portray at first, or second, or third debate.
But if one were to examine all of the motives, be they good or be they ill,
What space between the two and what truth or lies are offered the gap to fill?
There IS an unchangeable Being in existence before both Heaven and Earth.
It is the Progenitor of all in the natural order of things, the uncaused Cause.
We call this Being "Almighty God" and God is Goodness, and Truth, and Justice.
What is not in harmony with God is doomed to failure and will come to an end.
Faith in God and the natural order of things is the key to the portal of life eternal.


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