10 December 2019

Life is about "Being"

A sinner by nature and a pilgrim by faith,
I was born by the grace of God to do His will.
There’s a moral compass in my humble heart
And the needle points directly toward Heaven.
By the wonderful grace of God, I am what I am,
And His infinite love is not in vain.
When I lay down to sleep at night,
Drifting off and halfway dreaming,
The Holy Spirit speaks to my soul
To guide the trajectory of my prayers
And put me on the path towards the Light.
Prayer is the entry door to faith and
Soothing medicine for mind and heart.
Life isn't about "having." It is about "being."
Come, Holy Spirit, Creator blessed,
And in my heart take up your rest;
Come with your grace and heavenly aid
To fill the heart that you have made...
To fill the heart that you have made!


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