07 July 2018

In the Spirit of "Love your neighbor"

There are two general categories of law. One consists of natural laws and the laws of mathematics and physics which are descriptions of patterns of cause and effect. The other consists of the laws of ethics and morality which are laws that regulate behavior. If we act badly we will sooner or later experience the negative effects of the laws of morality that were decreed by our Creator and are not only spelled out in the holy writ of all major religions but also engraved on the heart of every human being who is endowed with a conscience that will not be denied. The values that determine right from wrong and positive from negative and true from false are not a human invention, but are inherent in the Cosmos.

The Universe itself was designed by our Creator with morality in mind to balance the evil impulse that is necessary in order for there to be a free will. Without morality there would be nothing but evil, dog-eat-dog, and devil take the hindmost. For good to triumph over evil, it is the collective responsibility of individual souls to choose good over evil and virtue over vice.

To be indifferent to the lives of others is detrimental to our own lives. We must be humble and empathetic to the suffering of others who are more unfortunate. To humble ourselves means self sacrifice. That is the spirit of "Love your neighbor."


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