30 June 2017

Pray for Peace

On life's journey from the womb to the tomb,
A place of deep shadow without a glimmer
Of the light of awareness and reason,
A man should hope and pray for peace, even
To the last clod of earth thrown upon his grave.
God exacts from us less than guilt deserves
When you stretch out your hand to Him in life,
You will be forgiven and will not know fear.
You will have contempt for worldly misfortune,
Feeling secure in the knowledge that there is hope
And life beyond the grave will be brighter than noonday,
And the shadows will be like the morning sunrise.
Those who don't believe in God will remain unblessed.
They will grope around in darkness without the light
Their remedy against misfortune...to breathe their last.

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Unknown said...

Hello Bob.

Es tu tocayo de Canada "Little Mexico Bob". I have not been to Irapuato since last year but I am retired now so maybe I'll get out there again soon.

I have learned a lot from all your Spanish posts. I have Mexican friends that raise an eyebrow from time to time when I say some of the phrases I've learned and even Spanish speaking people from other countries are surprised that the Mexican friends understand what I'm saying but they do not...muy diviertido (especially the ones that find that they need to correct every mistake I make ;-) (Funny how we don't correct them when they make English mistakes! Only after a few of their corrections that I pipe up and let them know what they did wrong....most satisfying.)

Needless to say, I miss your "learn" Spanish posts. I have made a little booklet from them and refer to them all the time. I would be more than happy to find more of these types of posts on your blog.

Enough said...

Hasta pronto
Cuidate señor

Little Mexico Bob

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