28 February 2017

The Story of Day Seven

It is said by the ancient Jewish Rabbis that quite alone was the Sabbath among the measures of time. Every other day had been paired with its fellow, but not so the Sabbath. When the Sabbath complained to God that of all days, it alone stood solitary, God wedded it to His people; and this holy union God hath bidden His people to remember.

Background note: The days of creation were paired as follows:

Day one, light and dark are separated.
Day four, The heavenly bodies are created.

Day two, The firmament is established and the sky and the waters are created.
Day five, the birds of the air and the fish are created.

Day three, the land and the sea are separated and vegetation is created.
Day six, the land animals and the humans were created.

Day seven, God created the Sabbath and He rested.


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