01 August 2016

A Blessed Tomorrow

The rustling leaves talk together like wise men.
They express great optimism for the future,
But we all know the future of a summer leaf.
In the autumn they will dry up and blow away.
There is no need to fuss about the future.
Enjoy today before it's your turn to fly away.
The future is in every new minute of this day.
It is best to make the most of the time in hand.
We should accept the immensity of our reality.
Everything including the unheard of is possible.
We must pray for courage to meet the strange,
The wonderful, the awful, and the inexplicable.  
Do not measure your life in relation to time only.
We should measure our lives in terms of ripening.
Some people never ripen. They live and die immature.
Only patient people can truly understand maturity.
They know that all eternity stands before them.
When we wait upon the Lord time means nothing.
The future is vast and untroubled by useless anxiety,
Like a tree planted by the water I shall not be moved.
I will wait upon the Lord forever until He shall come.
From the feelings of today and the memories of yesterday, 
The new hope and old hope we throw under our pillow. 
We live for today and dream of a blessed tomorrow.


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