05 July 2016

From the Depths of Purgatory

O Lord, allow me to speak for I am addressing Thy mercy.
May I move the ear of my humble heart closer to Thy mouth, so
That Thou can explain why weeping is such a relief when I am sad?
How does it happen that out of the many bitter things in this life,
Relief is found by moaning and groaning and weeping and sighing?
Does the sweetness of relief come from the hope that Thou hear us,
Or does the weeping help us avoid the memory of pain and suffering?
Misery is the state of every soul who counts too much on the material.
We should lift our hearts to the spiritual instead and focus on Thee.
In our pessimism we gradually become tired of living but afraid of dying,
As if death were a sad end and not a new life for those who choose Thee.
Look into my heart, O Lord, and cleanse my soul. Rescue me from
Vanity, Pride, and Avarice, or in other words, the "Human" condition.
The person who enters into joy with the Lord will need not be afraid.  
We should confess our sins to God deep within our hearts simply because,
We can do it less painfully here and now, than from the depths of purgatory.



Pattani said...

Hi Bob,
I have been studying spanish from your blog infrequently. You are very generous to extend your free lessons to us all. I have never written because I never mastered my spanish and because I was very busy. Nonetheless I want to thank you for your recent blogs re the presidential debate and your biblical wisdom on how to discern a good leader. Thank you for all your posts for September ESP. The free verse poems. Very profound. I gather this is the first time I read 'religion' on your blog. Praise the Lord that you are bold to confess Him so publicly and I rejoice with you that you are called to this vocation of penning such meaningful messages full of hope and love. May you continue to pen the wisdom only God can gift to you, Bob. IHS Asha

Bob Mrotek said...

God Bless you Pattani. Your kind words are greatly appreciated.

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