15 March 2016

Count on it!

How to explain God, life, and the nature of time and space?

There are some things that we already know.
But there are many more things that we do not know yet.

Imagine trying to explain the world to an infant still in the womb.

You whisper to the unborn child that the world is big,

And that it has mountains and plains and rivers and forests.

You say that there are are fields of flowers and vegetables,

And waving grain and orchards with all kinds of fruits.

That there are oceans and lakes full of fish and frogs,

And all kinds of strange creatures of the deep.
You describe animals of all sorts both wild and domestic,

And birds of the air and butterflies and bees making honey.

Don't forget spiders and snakes and those nasty mosquitoes.

What about the four seasons and snow and ice?
How do you describe a rainbow and deserts and jungles?

Don't forget night, dark but for a million stars and the moon.

Also the clear bright days except for clouds, yes, and clouds too.

You must describe people, living, loving, laughing, and crying,

And birth and death...yes, that too, the dying.
You urge the baby to leave the womb and the baby replies,

"Go away! There is no other world but the world I know.

You must be daft or else you are dreaming".
Thus it is from birth to life, the same from life to death.

You can't really explain it well until you get there,
And there is no "how" or "who" or "what" with God,
You can't define God, or picture Him or put Him in a box,

But you will know Him when you are judged.
You can count on it.


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