22 June 2014

Between Today and Yesterday

Between today and yesterday we experienced the Summer Solstice. It was at 7:51 am Central Daylight Saving Time on Saturday, June 21st. I say it was "between today and yesterday" because the daylight hours for both days are the same length. The thing that I never really realized, however, is that here in Irapuato, Guanajuato we only experienced fourteen hours and thirteen minutes of total daylight while the lucky gee whiz folks in Chicago, Illinois received a whopping sixteen hours and twenty-two minutes. Hey guys...that ain't fair!

Wait a minute...this just in! At Christmas time we get eleven hours and 41 minutes of total daylight and you only get ten hours and eleven minutes but that is only if your sun is shining and not frowning. In Chicago during the Winter Solstice just before Christmas it will probably be cloudy or snowing and only ten degrees above zero while I will still be picking tomatoes in my shorts and flip-flops...so there!


Babs said...

I'm surprised! I always feel like the days are shorter up north when I'm visiting. Having been a child in Chicago, it seemed like I went to school in the dark and came home whereupon within 30 minutes it was dark!
Here in SMA, the days seem so wonderfully long....and usually sunshiney!

norm said...

Linda and I decided to go on an exotic vacation the summer before she delivered our first child. We left the states for the Yucatan on the 20th of June. Normal Ohio sunsets at that time of the year are well past 9PM. We rented a car and started out for a remote ruin, thinking we had plenty of time to arrive at our destination before dark ( one should never dive after dark in Mexico), we were told. Well it got dark at 6PM-I thought my watch had stopped. And the same thing happened the next night, I'm a slow learner. Two thousand miles difference in latitude makes a big difference in the time the sunsets.

Bob Mrotek said...

Yeah, Norm, it is hard for people to understand until they look into it. It is quite counter intuitive :)

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