15 September 2013

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

The problem in the Middle East is complicated by many factors but it seems to me that most of them can be traced back to "The War to End All Wars", i.e. World War One. The following video is one version of how it all began and it is one of the most accurate and concise versions that I have seen to date although the unbiased and one hundred percent accurate story will probably never be known. Untangling this "Gordian Knot" without the use of a sword in the manner favored by Alexander the Great will be a herculean task to say the least.



norm said...

The Mandate System after the first World War drew lines all over the middle east and Africa that made little sense to the people who lived there. The kurds are the poster child for an ethnic group that got screwed. What is it about those little black lines on our maps that cause us so much grief? Open borders are every bit as important to the improvement of the human race as free trade and the free press. We have an economic system now where capital can go work wherever it wants, sell where it wants yet the workers are confined to within their own little black lines. The Mandate System was little more than a way to protect Capital invested in the region.

I said that tribalism was finished after 9/11, that it would be pushed out of our world at the end of a sharp stick-I was so wrong.

Bob Mrotek said...

Yes, tribalism is alive and well and well despite rumors of its untimely demise. Unbridled capitalism feeds on expansion at all costs and roams the Earth like a roaring lion seeking those whom it may devour.

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