28 May 2013

The Super Split

Most people who are familiar with the comic strip "Dilbert" will know what a "wedgie" is. It is a form of pranksterism, horse play, or bullying where someone grabs the waistband of the victim's underwear from behind and gives it a big yank therefore stretching the material and driving it like a wedge into the cleft between the buttocks. Among friends or classmates it can be just a harmless prank or sophomoric "gotcha" but when used as a form of bullying it can be humiliating, painful, and harmful. In fact, there is a form where the underwear is stretched extremely tight and the elastic waistband is placed up and over the victim's head. This is no longer horseplay and can lead to severe trauma and permanent damage to the genitals.

So, is there a word for "wedgie" in Spanish? You bet there is. "El calzón chino" is a wedgie. It literally means "chinese underwear". The extreme form of super wedgie is called "el calzón chino atómico".
A "school bully" in Spanish is a "matón de escuela", so in order to say "The school bully gave my brother a wedgie" you could say in Spanish, "El matón de la escuela le dio a mi hermano un calzón chino".

Kids, don't try this at home. I guarantee it will upset your mother.


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J. Mitchell said...

"Chinese Underwear" - that's just brilliant. Of all the Spanish words I could have learned today I did not expect to learn the words for "wedgie".

El calzón chino - commited to memory forever!


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